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Department of Chemistry Choong-Shik Yoo Group

Diamond Anvil Cells (DAC) – we utilize a wide range of high pressure diamond anvil cells in our research at the WSU, which includes membrane-DAC, 3L-DAC, SAX-DAC, and dynamic-DAC. These cells enable us to achieve pressures well exceeding 200 GPa. we can achieve pressures exceeding 300 GPa.
Membrane-DAC incorporates a He gas-pressure-driven membrane to apply load on a sample.  The design not only permits a smooth and very fine control of pressure, but also provides a constant load condition enabling the experiments along both isotherms and isobars. Such features are important for working with the samples that exhibit phase metastabilities and are highly compressible and prone to loss if the gasket is not compressed symmetrically.
3L-DAC is a simple piston-cylinder concept of diamond anvil cell that we use for training students.
SAX-DAC is a cell to perform radial x-ray diffraction coupling with x-ray transluscent Be gaskets.  This cell is typically used for measuring mechanical properties of solids and x-ray spectroscopic data in the x-ray region below 10 keV where the diamond strongly absorbs.

Dynamic DACincorporates the straightforward addition of piezo-electric actuators to our membrane-DAC, to produce a fast (<ms) pressure jump (>1GPa) at static high pressures in a precisely controlling manner. The magnitude and rates of de/compression can be precisely tailored, according to the piezo-input characteristics, to match the dynamics of transformations over a wide-range. This provides the strain rate up to about 103/s, ideal for kinetic studies of melting and other phase transitions at high pressures.

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