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Department of Chemistry Choong-Shik Yoo Group

Our  high-pressure research often utilizes the experimental facilities well beyond the Static High Pressure Group Facility at the WSU, which includes:

Institute for Shock Physics: State-of-the-art capabilities for performing dynamic high-pressure experiments with time-resolved measurements (ns–ps time resolution.)  exist at WSU’s Institute for Shock Physics laboratories. Our static research program often utilizes these capabilities, as well as develops a unique experimental program interfacing the static and dynamic experiments which offers unique opportunities unfound in any other academic institutes.

Applied Science Laboratory at the WSU in Spokane: While our research at the WSU focuses on fundamental research on discover novel state of materials and phenomena at high pressures and temperatures, we also utilize the high-pressure synthesis capabilities  at the Applied Science Laboratory located at the WSU Spokane campus.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory